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The project is a comedy. It is a political comedy. Its subject is the utterly criminal absurdity of WAR. It is a stage adaptation and a film of Jaroslav Hasek's unfinished masterpiece:

30 years after its film of LITTLE DORRIT (“more seditious than Das Kapital”)

We are looking for people who think that war is not a solution to conflicts and for people who may be interested in the Good Soldier Schwejk project to help spread that idea.

The mailing list will enable us to keep you informed of our progress and make you aware of all the opportunities to get involved. The list is secure and will not be shared with anyone else; you can update your details at anytime as well as unsubscribe permanently.

In 1914, 3.35 million young men were called up to fight the WAR in the Austro-Hungarian Army. 1 million of them died, but The Good Soldier Schwejk came out of it to tell.

In 1923, The Good Soldier Schwejk gains fame in a Czech satirical serial.

In 1926, The Good Soldier Schwejk is translated into German and becomes a huge success. His name spreads across central Europe.

On the eve of the second World WAR The Good Soldier Schwejk comes to England when Joan Littlewood puts him onto the stage in Manchester.

Come the Cold WAR, the Korean WAR, the Vietnam WAR, and The Good Soldier Schwejk triumphs at Stratford's Theatre Royal.

Come the WAR in Afghanistan, the WAR in Iraq, the WAR in Syria and The Good Soldier Schwejk is still here: he is coming to Sands Films with a lot more to say.

Sands Films has a new project.

We are looking for people to talk about it, for people to participate in it, for people to help finance it.

Join our mailing list to find out more about The Good Soldier Schweijk film project.

The Good Soldier Schwejk